Sash Windows Installed Across Fulham

Timber Sash Windows: Oak, Maple and Pine Vertical Sash Windows Ideal For Homes Across Fulham


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Timber Sash Windows FulhamOur Timber Sash windows have proven to be hugely popular across Fulham thanks to their no-painting required finish and stylish appearance that maintains the beautiful character of your property.

All of our replacement sash windows come with a comprehensive 20 year guarantee on the double glazed units, meaning you can rely on the quality of our product. This guarantee is also transferable if you were to move home in the future — giving you an added selling point for your already desirable property.

We’ve always been dedicated to creating a stylish timber sash window that carries the benefits of UPVC, whilst retaining the charm of timber. As such, as well as the window frames not requiring painting, we also use self-cleaning glass.

If you’d rather eliminate the stress of completely replacing your sash windows, we offer a sash window insert product which can be embedded into your existing frame.

We have estimators located across London, and we have customers in Fulham. Call us today on 01636 703093 and arrange a free, no obligation quotation for your sash window replacement.

400 Series Woodwright® Vertical sliding sash window for full replacement or new build.

  • High-Performance™ Low-E4® argon glass stays cleaner and reduces water spotting† — creating a high gloss finish at all times
  • Nearly-invisible TruScene® insect screen optional
  • Custom sizes available in 3mm increments — we’ve fitted our sash windows across London and, more specifically, in Chiswick, meaning we can generally advise on the required size even prior to our visit
  • Classic traditional style — keep the character of your home with our luxury timber sash window options
  • Fine milling detail
  • Rich natural wood interior or pre-finished in white
  • Attractive low-maintenance exteriors
  • Convenient tilt-in cleaning
  • Variety of grilles and insect screen options

Choice of Interior Timber for sash windows

Oak Sash Windows

Our hardwearing oak sash windows tend to be very popular thanks to their hardwearing exterior and resistance to fungus and insects. All of the timber that is used for our sash windows is responsibly sourced, meaning you can also enjoy the fact that you’re doing your bit for the environment.

Maple Sash Windows

Canadian Maple Sash Windows are becoming more and more popular pretty much every year. Customers tend to choose Maple because they like the look and texture of it and, as with all of our sash windows, our Maple Sash Windows are tough and weather resistant.

Pine Sash Windows

Our Pine Sash Windows have been gaining popularity recently thanks to the cost-effective nature of Pine as a timber source. Although the worry with Pine is often that it will be soft and vulnerable to weathering, our Pine Sash Windows are specially treated to ensure they’re just as hardwearing as Maple and Oak.

Virtually Maintenance Free Sash Windows

no paintingIf we had a pound for every sigh of relief we got when we told prospective customers that once our windows were installed, there would be no more painting, we would be very rich indeed.

Our timber sash windows are specifically designed to provide an ultra-low maintenance solution and to carry many of the benefits received with UPVC windows, whilst retaining that timber charm.

As well as providing a no-painting required product (something which our competitors cannot promise), we use self-cleaning glass on all of our windows — so you don’t even have to clean them as you would a normal window.

If you did want to give them a clean, the windows tilt inwards to allow you easy access.

The mechanism of our sash windows has also been designed to require little/no maintenance over the years. We use mortise-and-tenon joints which prevent the usual sagging that’s associated with a sash mechanism and this helps them move freely. The lack of required painting also means the mechanism won’t get clogged with dried paint which is the number one cause for mechanical failures of sash windows.

20 Year Guarantee

Our double glazed units are guaranteed for 20 years, transferable between property owners. This means that you can rest assured that in the unlikely event of a problem occurring, we will come back and fix it with no quibbles. A rarity in the replacement window industry!

Free, Fixed Price & No Obligation Quotes On Our Sash Windows

We’re experienced in the installation of timber sash windows around London (including Chiswick, Fulham, Hammersmith and Ealing), meaning we’re confident of our ability to provide an accurate quote for replacing your windows. There’s no guesswork with us, we’ll measure your frames and check that we know exactly what you’re looking for before providing a price.

Once you have your quote, that’s the price you’ll pay — we won’t add on any extra fees.

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